GUIDO is your new multimedia object information system, which provides endless possibilities to turn your exhibition into fun and fascinating experience four your visitors.

The system uses specific mobile computers provided for the visitors at entrance. The device is equipped with a barcode or RFID reader. Operating GUIDO is easy and convenient.

This provides the user quick and direct access to information, without having to fuss with complicated navigation menus. Communication thus becomes an entertaining and active experience.

GUIDO.WEB is an easy to install, easy to use web-based object-information system that works both in internet and/or intranet environment, and provides multi-language content on wide range of mobile devices.

Object identification works by using QR codes, so any mobile device equipped with a camera and a (not too old) browser can be used to get information.

So visitors, tourists can use their own smartphones, tablets, phablets, etc. to get object information enriched by multimedia content right at the place of objects.

A great exhibition ...

  • educates while entertains
  • information arrives right place, right time
  • provides free adventure
  • but still gives you guidelines
  • speaks to you in multiple languages
  • brings fun
  • so, simply unforgettable
GUIDO.WEB Download GUIDO specs sheet

Target areas, possible use cases

Guided tours of multimedia objects and information services demand very diverse branches of services. GUIDO Exhibition Information Systems is designed to to provide a broad and diverse solutions. Applicable for museums, special exhibitions and collection presentations, archives, company tours, showrooms, zoos, game demos, city tours, tours of archaeological excavation or permanent exhibitions as well. The system consists of two applications, which can be used independently or as an integrated system.

Possible applicable areas:
  • Museums, Exhibitions, Art galleries, Auction houses
  • Zoos, wildlife parks, arboretums, nature trails
  • As a tourist information system in cities (introduce tourist attractions, provide sightseeing tours, etc.)
  • Provide information in catering industry (multi-lingual, multi-media menu, recipes, cooking videos, hotel introductions, etc.)
  • Special exhibitions, private collections
  • Corporate tours, educational trips, trainings
  • Archaeological excavations
  • Provide product information by on package product labeling (putting QR code on package which can be read by the customer in stores)
Target devices:
  • smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.)
  • tablets
  • netbooks
  • notebooks, laptops
  • desktop computers
    (for browsing content remotely)

Focus on user experience

GUIDO allows visitors to have a self-paced, convenient, flexible and entartaining visit of the exhibition using either their own mobile devices or devices prodided by you.

Dont forget about education

By using GUIDO, education and entertainment comes hand in hand. Build your own interactive tours, create quizes and invite schools to present interesting, enjoyable after-scool learning sessions for students.

Multimedia at hand

Take advantage of using GUIDO's wide range of multimedia capabilities. By using a good mix of textual, audio and video content, you can make your attractions be even more attractive.